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Pay for Nursing Home Care Without Going Broke.

You Don’t Have to “Spend Down” ALL of Your Money to Qualify for Nursing Home Medicaid. Comer Elder Law Can Help You Preserve Assets AND Qualify for Nursing Home Medicaid.


Comer Elder Law helps you in 3 stages.

Crisis Management Plan

Medicaid Application

Estate Plan

Let Comer Elder Law help you preserve money to use for your needs beyond what Medicaid covers for you in the nursing home.  Did you know that Medicaid doesn’t pay for a private room, hygiene products, beauty shop or barber services, pajamas and clothing, certain medications and equipment, or internet/cable/streaming services/phone? 

Let Comer Elder Law help your spouse stay in your home.  It may be possible for your spouse to qualify to keep part of your income, instead of all of your income going to the nursing home every month.

Let Comer Elder Law navigate the ins and outs of Medicaid Laws and Regulations for you. Did you know that Medicaid eligibility is a process that is controlled by federal laws/regulations AND state statutes, PLUS an internal policies and procedures manual used by Medicaid (that you won’t find on the agency’s website)? 

Your attorney will help you prepare your application and file it with Medicaid. Your attorney will represent you during the Medicaid conference, subsequent inquiries, and document requests.

Medicaid reevaluates each case every year.  Be prepared.  After you begin receiving nursing home Medicaid benefits, your estate plan needs to be updated for your family moving forward. 

Make sure your family’s estate planning doesn’t accidentally jeopardize your hard-earned Medicaid benefits. Make sure your spouse (or other qualified family member) can stay in the family home. Make sure your family can avoid as much of the cost, exposure to creditors, inconvenience, and intrusion of the probate process as possible.


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