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How much does it cost? We charge a flat fee of $400 for a Planning Conference via Zoom and $500 for an In-Person Conference.  If you retain us further, we will credit your fees for our representation by the amount you have already paid us.


Do you charge by the hour?  Generally, we charge a flat fee based on the type of work we are doing, and the value provided to the client.  This serves all of us better -- you don't have to worry about being charged every time you call, and we don't have to worry that you won't call us with important information or changes because you don't want to be charged by the minute.


If I need to move my appointment, will you charge me for that? We do not charge to reschedule your appointment the first 2 times.  Please do recognize, though, that there may be a considerable delay between your original appointment and your rescheduled appointment because we have to take our other clients' appointments into consideration.


What should I have with me for our conference/meeting?  Your Family Intake Form, as well as any existing documents you may have (old Wills or Trusts, Powers of Attorney, correspondence from Alabama Medicaid, Social Security, and your personal injury attorney, any long-term care policies, life insurance policies, recent statements from bank and investment accounts, etc.) -- basically the documents you used to fill out your Family Intake Form.  Hopefully, we have helped you get all of this uploaded to a secure folder before we talk.


Do you take credit cards?  We do, but please let us know ahead of time that you will be paying by credit card to ensure that we have the necessary paperwork prepared.

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