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Our general approach is first to meet with you and to establish your goals.  Next, we gather and review all of your relevant information and documents (yes, this means homework for you) to establish a personal care and asset preservation plan with as many options as possible.  Finally, we help you choose the options that best suit your needs and implement your personal plan.

Life Planning


Getting married, or suddenly single? New baby on the way? Starting a business? Let us help you create a life plan, personalized for your needs, through the use of the appropriate business organizations, revocable living trusts, special needs trusts, powers of attorney, and other tools that will ensure your goals are achieved.

Long-Term Care Planning


You've spent your life making a home, a peaceful place where you envision spending all of your days.  If serious health issues arise, will a nursing home be the best solution? Not necessarily.  Let us help you and your family plan to keep you in your home as long as possible. We will help you make your own decisions regarding income and asset protection, tax consequences, and personal care maintenance.

Crisis Resolution


Sometimes our circumstances change drastically and without warning. A sudden illness or decline in health, an accident, the death of a caregiver -- all of these events are terrifying and require fairly immediate action.  Let us help you navigate the maze of Medicaid and Veterans' benefits qualification, long-term care options, and probate issues.

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